Hospital da Plástica

On August 11, 1971, in Botafogo — Rio de Janeiro, a plastic surgery clinic was founded as Clínica Integrada, with 01 operating room and 03 bedrooms. Thirteen years later, the clinic’s name was changed to Clinica Interplástica, then with 04 operating rooms and 12 suites.

Since only plastic surgery procedures are performed, along with the fact that its facilities meet the criteria of a general hospital, what once was a Clinic is now HOSPITAL DA PLÁSTICA.

Nowadays, HOSPITAL DA PLÁSTICA provides 12 cutting-edge-technology operating rooms and 24 luxury suites.

Until today, more than 60,000 patients have been operated, without a single case of severe hospital infection.

HOSPITAL DA PLÁSTICA holds a Quality Certificate awarded by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Best Practice awarded by the PAS — Programa de Alimentos Seguros (safe food program) and the Quality and Excellence Certificate awarded by the International Quality Service.

HOSPITAL DA PLÁSTICA has a Post-Graduate Program accredited by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, among one of the largest programs in Brazil, having graduated more than 110 plastic surgeons.

For more than 44 years our team has provided comprehensive services, with safe and successful outcomes.

A highly skilled staff of over 80 brazilian plastic surgeons, including 20 PhD professors, is constantly working to develop sophisticated new surgical techniques.

Meet the infrastructure of Hospital da Plástica